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B-Mitzvah Program

Do you have a son, daughter, or grandchild who is of B-Mitzvah age, but isn’t affiliated with a synagogue?

Or are you an adult who never had a B-Mitzvah but secretly always wished you did?

Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Oh, you might be wondering why we call it “B-Mitzvah” instead of the more traditional “Bar or Bat”? Well, for one, it looks crisper on the page.

But the real reason is that we are an egalitarian synagogue where all are welcome, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. “B-Mitzvah” is a term that celebrates all.

All we ask is that you and your child are committed to the work it takes to follow through with the work required for this memorable day. With the right guidance, we believe you’ll want to commemorate this beautiful Jewish celebration in your own unique way. Of course, our inviting sanctuary is available for both the ritual and the celebration afterward.

You might be asking, how much time is needed to prepare for a B-Mitzvah ceremony? The answer is that it all depends on how much you want to put in. 

We will customize it to your needs and level. We, of course, realize that some have more time than others and that each individual is different. What we don’t want is you or your child feeling stressed throughout this effort, because we believe this day should be fun, meaningful, and filled with great memories. Membership at CBI with its very modest dues is part of the B-Mitzvah deal, to indicate your commitment to the process.

Rabbi Abe is an excellent educator and knows how to relate to children (and adults) on their level (knowledge of Hebrew not required). With many years of experience in the field, he will show your child (or you) why it’s important to mark the day and teach them the necessary material to accomplish this goal. Lessons are very affordable, and will be taught live on Zoom in private sessions.

Please reach out to Rabbi Abe if you’d like to learn more about our B-mitzvah program.

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