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DECEMBER 11-20, 2020  

Ah, The Festival of Lights, that time of year that is so cozy and has most Jews plotzing with warm memories of their childhoods.

Chanukah has everything people want in a holiday: the light and warmth of the Menorah; presents; family time; latkes and donuts; fun and games (dreidel and cards), and community gatherings. Seeking a new spin on latke-making recipes? Here are some options that are not like  Grandma’s.

Plus, it has spiritual metaphors built right into it, with the enduring tale of light succeeding over the forces of darkness, of good overcoming evil. Here are the blessings when lighting your menorah so that you may bring light into your home.

The Maccabees might have fought off the Syrian-Greeks long ago, but their tale of fighting for what they believed in and sticking up for their culture and religion, is a tale worth telling over and over. And, to commemorate the miracle of the enduring cruse of oil, as Adam Sandler would say it: we’ve got Eight Crazy Nights.

In short, the holiday has got it all, even Peanut-butter fudge dreidels, and is waiting for your embrace.

Please join us at CBI with our different programming throughout the holiday.

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