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The Jewish calendar is full of holidays that are there for us to enjoy and relish. While some might say there are “too many” holidays (as if that’s a bad thing), at CBI we try and find the joy and flavor of each one—and run with it.

Each holiday has its theme and special aura and spirit, and we try to highlight each one as they appear on the calendar throughout the year (or week, when speaking of Shabbat).

From Yom Kippur to Passover to Shavuot and all in between, we jump at the possibility of celebration. We attempt to make you and your family relate to each special holiday in a way that you can claim as your own, leaving you with memories of familial and communal warmth.

Below is a list of the Jewish holidays, each with a brief explanation. Feel free to browse through them, and we look forward to celebrating one or more of them with you throughout the year.

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