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Memorial Board

Memorializing your loved ones is of prime importance to many, and many synagogues still have the Memorial Boards that are a vestige from the 20th century. You know the type: the ones that are made out of an abundance of steel and that have little light bulbs next to each name.

Well, the 21st Century has brought on a more efficient and more sustainable way of remembering and memorializing your loved one: the electronic memorial board.

Here’s how it works: if you are interested in memorializing your loved ones, or if you have relatives from the past who you’d like remember in a public way, you merely send in their basic information along with a digital picture and a brief bio. They will then be added to the Memorial Board.

When all the information is inputted and given the go-ahead by you to be published, it will look something like this. You and your family can always look up their profile on the online version of the board, as well as being reassured that their name will appear and be mentioned during prayer services the week of their yahrzeit (like this).

If you’d like to know more, please contact Paul Skulsky.

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