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March 28-April 4, 2021 (Yizkor service on the 4th) 

Passover is, by far, the most indelible holiday in the Jewish calendar. It’s been around for as long as the Jewish people have been around, and, well, it’s part of our origin story. It celebrates our emergence upon the world stage as a free nation and people. We were slaves of Pharaoh for a very long time, and after much drama (Ten Plagues & Co.), we were finally set free.

But Passover also holds a prominent place in the modern Jew’s psyche because there are so many rituals—especially culinary ones—related to this Festival of Freedom.

Anyone who’s ever participated in a Seder knows that the night’s chock-full of interesting and thought-provoking details, whether it’s the four cups of wine that we drink, the crisp Matzah that crumbles all over the place, or the wickedly sharp horseradish that we eat with tears streaming down our faces.

All in all, the holiday is all about questioning and curiosity, and the holiday is all about sating that inquisitive mind that keeps churning our questions as fast as a mill spits out flour for making Matzah.

At CBI, we aim to try to answer some of those questions at our communal seder. Plus, the food is as good as it gets.

Please join us for this enduring holiday; you will have a spirited time and a soulful uplift.

Meanwhile, enjoy this Passover musical medley from the Israeli Philharmonic

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