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Prayer is the music of our souls. It allows us to open up and connect with our vulnerabilities, to be honest with ourselves, and to do it with others. Like doing yoga stretches for the first time, it might seem difficult or strange for the beginner. But the more you practice, the better your soul responds.

At CBI, prayer is something that we hold dear and that we aspire to make meaningful. Gone are the days of boredom in the synagogue, where you try and count the dots on the cantor’s tie as he belts out a tune. Our aim is that our prayer services are heartfelt and spiritual, carving out those few moments in our day to think about what we usually—and naturally—avoid. It’s not that long a service, because we believe in quality over quantity.

To that end, we have crafted a meaningful service where there’s something for everyone. If you like singing, we have that. Do you like listening to music? Rabbi Abe accompanies the entire service with his guitar. Poetry? We reserve a moment in the service for it too.

We have also made sure that you will feel comfortable in our prayer services whether you know Hebrew or not. We have chosen an eclectic program of prayers that blends Hebrew and English, with a modern and illuminating translation of the Hebrew passages. Transliterations are available for all prayers.

However you feel about prayer, we believe that you will feel comfortable in our sanctuary praying with Rabbi Abe and the rest of the community.

An atheist? We welcome you with open arms.

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