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Shabbat Services


There is nothing like Shabbat, a day that is reserved for rest, recharging of the creative batteries, the renewal of your spirit, and spending time with the family. It’s a day where you can kick back, think, read, reflect, and do anything that will create a respite from the regular and the mundane. Holiness is what the doctor, aka God, ordered.

As the Rabbinic saying goes: more than the Jews have kept the Shabbat, the Shabbat has kept the Jews.

At CBI, we have a weekly Shabbat morning musical service, with some Friday Nights as well.

As Shabbat makes its exit each Saturday night, the custom is to escort it with a special prayer called Havdalah (separation from the mundane week). The prayer is meaningful and soulful, with rituals that involve all of our senses. You might call it a “sensual” holy ceremony.

Please join us for all of our Shabbat-related services.

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