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OCTOBER 3-9, 2020

Sukkot is the quintessential Fall Holiday: crisp, outdoorsy, and relating to the harvest.

Coming on the heels of the High Holy Days, this seven-day holiday has many rituals that are family-friendly and community-based.

It is also a holiday that is all about nature, as two of its major rituals are related to the outdoors.

First, there’s the Sukkah, that special outdoor booth, in which we all eat and gather throughout the holiday. For some, Sukkot is a favorite Jewish Holiday as it encourages community living. Some have the custom of “Sukkah hopping,” visiting as many Sukkahs in the neighborhood that time will allow.

And then there’s the Lulav and Etrog, that special palm branch and citron which are customarily waved and handled throughout the holiday. The exquisite citrus aroma that emanates from the Etrog paired together with the tall and proud Lulav engulfed in a sea of willow and myrtle branches extend this Natural theme and are sure to bring us closer to nature.

There are also auxiliary customs, such as continuing to dip the challah in honey (to ensure a sweet new year), as well as being extra joyful throughout its duration.

Please join us for super-musical services on Sukkot, as well as grabbing a bite or a glass of wine in our beautifully decorated Sukkah. Meanwhile check out this Livin’ in A Booth Sukkot video to get you in the spirit

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