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Life is busy, and sometimes that means we can forget to honor our loved ones who have passed away. And the more that time passes, the more that can become a possibility.

Judaism has a ritual in place for this particular phenomenon: the Yahrzeit.

The “Yahrzeit” is borrowed from Yiddish and literally translates as “a year’s time,” indicating that another year has passed from when we lost our loved one and that it’s important to celebrate and memorialize them.

CBI has a special Digital Memorial Board that allows you to always view and share your loved one’s digital plaque and biography, as well as having it publicly displayed during the week of their Yahrzeit.

Our custom is to make a special blessing in your loved one’s memory during that week, as well as recite Kaddish in their honor.

It is customary to contribute to charity during that week, and you can do that here or donate to any charity of your choosing.

For more information about how to include your loved one on the memorial board and to have Kaddish recited for them, please contact Rabbi Abe.

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