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The Yahrzeit, that special day each year when we mark the anniversary of the death of our loved ones, is when we remember them, share their stories with friends and community members, and reflect on their history and legacy.

The “Yahrzeit” allows us to honor them, remember them, put things into perspective, and to reflect on the nature of life (and death) each year.

It is customary to say the Kaddish prayer on that day, and some also sponsor a “Kiddush” in the synagogue to honor the memory of their loved one with the community over communal food, drink, and the breaking of bread (well, challah).

Some also contribute to charity to honor their loved ones. One option is to donate to CBI and its many activities. You can do that here.

If you’d like the name of your loved one mentioned in the sanctuary on the week of their Yahrzeit (including having Kaddish recited in their memory), or if you’d like to sponsor a Kiddush to honor them, please contact Rabbi Abe.

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